MI RAQSAM (my soul is in dance)

ME RAQSAM      [[my soul is in Dance]]

While driving past a house, the elongated fresh branches swaying in the wind brushed against my car’s window. The  pristine green branches and its rich tonal textures were conspicuous and awe inspiring.  It arrested my eye provoking me to reverse my car back and capture this enticing nature’s art piece.

I take inspiration from nature when I paint; photographs are just a replica and point of reference of all the nature forms that leave me spellbound at first sight of observation. If time and security factors had not restricted me, I would have certainly started painting on the spot. The images capture my moment of inspiration and I am able to produce the same feeling when I paint,which I had when I first observed nature’s alluring forms.

The title ‘Mi Raqsam” is given because after completing a series of 26 paintings in 2006, this was the last I painted and by this time my journey of rigorous artwork and after observing the composition, colors in the nature had overwhelmed me with HIS Creation, and my soul was in raks (dance), enchanted by the Nature’s beauty. The intricate details and information the branches have from the rhythm in the leaves to color variation, the background textures create an inexplicable feeling.

Paying tribute to The Great Creator puts the admirer’s soul in dance which purifies him. Hence the name MI RAQSAM, explains it all about this painting.


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