Banyan Tree

Banyan tree reveals many stories. A figure similar to a mummy’s can be craved out by a close look. Many other female figures are indicated. In white space, you can see a mystical bearded man.
This painting covers the era of the pharaoh. The bearded man indicates the Prophet Moses. The mummy of that pharaoh is present even now as the (Iberat ka nishan) for the world to see. For pharaohs there must be a Moses for them. Life ultimately ends at recognition and identification of Allah. This identification is accomplished only by sacrificing our ego for the sake of the love for the human beings.



Toot Tree




        This tree trunk is of toot tree, a fruit and from medical point of view, cures of man.
        The composition of this tree impresses me alot. Beautiful balance of brown and gray color in this tree is splendid. The gray color illudes as if a head has hair on it or human veins visible through it. The vardian color has different hues giving leaves the freshness to refresh human soul. Words do not seem to describe my exact feelings for it.
               Various animal forms are visible in it. Some human faces can also be seen through it. The gray and brown combination feels as if two human figures are hanging upside down on it. From many different places, green leaves seem to be shooting which is the symbol of life and hopes.

The Mortal Kingdom



Mango, the king of fruits, reflects the same in this painting. One branch of it is positioned like a raised arm to give orders. Observing the tree I felt as if a king came ruled and left. There is a certain type of originality in the texture of the tree. Near its arm (or Branch), a heart can be observed along with forms of many figures. Maybe because of the weather a part of the tree has broken off.

In Mughal Art the mango and saro tree have great significance, not only giving shelter from the sun and rain but also giving fruits, freshness and beauty. This tree must atleast be 500years old because it was in Mughal Emperor, Jahengir’s reign that this marvelous garden was constructed.
         A look of the tree signifies the difficulties one has to face in his life. I have no idea how many kings’ reigns these trees have lived through and through what difficulties they have survived but they are still alive. They give us a message that life is not everlasting and is neither easy to live. Even the greatest of rulers had to struggle to survive and yet did not last forever. Nevertheless, one should live his life in such a way to stay alive in the people’s hearts.