Individuality of Colors

“Jo har jagah mojood hai, us mojood ko dhoondoo

(He who is everywhere, find him)

Apnai wajood sai niklo, toh terai wajood ko dhoondoo

(Get out of your ‘self’/presence, then find his presence)

Tu nai jo lagadi hai meri sochoon pai

(What you have put on/in my thoughts)

Main mehdood kahan, la mehdood ko dhoondo”

(I am bound where, find the one who is cannot be bound)

Art is unlimited, unbound by any barriers. An artist’s sight, thoughts, heart, soul and life on the other hand is very limited.

To paint and capture ‘all’ the wonders of this world, even a thousand lifetimes would not be enough. There is so much content present that we cannot even begin to imagine where is begins and where it ends. How Allah, the greatest of all artists, Creator of this world and the universe, made everything in just 6 days and 7 nights is beyond the human comprehension.

If you look around you in your surroundings, you will find many pre-made examples in nature of different versions of art i.e. abstraction, impressionism, surrealism etc.

Different colors have a deep effect on a human’s life. The rhythm and flow of colors goes along with the struggles of life, hand in hand.

In this painting, I am making use of some basic colors Red, Yellow with Black, White and Green in an abstract form. In our world, there are a lot of things which are in abstract form including the “Al-Musawiroo”, Allah the Greatest painter of all: “He is visible to us in some things and He is hidden in other things.”

Every color present in this world has some special meaning. The same is true for all the colors I have used in this painting.

*RED:  This is a color of deep emotions which include love and rage. The blood which runs through our veins is also red in color. The importance of this color can be taken from the fact that if the blood stops running through our veins, life stops. If it changes colors, there is something wrong in our body.

Scientifically, red is seen as a very powerful color. It physically affects our system for instance it stimulates and raises the pulse rate, give the impression of time flying by faster etc. In general it is observed as a stimulating, lively and friendly color and at the same time it can also be perceived as a demanding, aggressive color depending on the settings and mood.

*BLACK: I find this color to be very mysterious and hiding lots of secrets within it-self. The color black is the only shade which absorbs all the other colors inside it e.g. black-hole. It is also the color of night. Another example of checking it practically is mixing all the basic colors together; the end result will be black.

Scientifically, it is described as an absence of light. Psychologically it gives the impression of creating protective barriers and therefore enshrouding the personality. This color reflects security, sophistication, efficiency while on the other hand it is also seen as cold, oppressive etc. Again depending on the settings and mood.

*YELLOW: This is the color of the Sun. It is a color of happiness, energy and gives positive vibes. If there will be no Sun, the survival of things in this world would be very very difficult.

Scientifically yellow is believed to be the strongest color, psychologically.  This color helps in increasing confidence, mood booster and having an optimistic outlook of everything. On the negative side, if too much of this color is used or the wrong tone in this color can bring out anxiety, irrationality and fear in a person in terms of psychology.

*GREEN: This is the color of life. The plants, grass and trees etc. all have this color. It brings freshness in life and gives the proof of life when a small green leaf shoots out from an age old tree or barren ground.

Green is considered to be a color of balance in science. Since it in the center of the spectrum it hits the eye in perfect balance without needing any adjustments which derives it also as a restful color. The green in our environment and surrounding give us the feeling of refreshment, balance, peace, reassurance on a primitive level that there is plenty of water and life around us. Sometimes it is taken negatively giving the impression of boredom, stagnation and blandness.

*WHITE: This color is of peace, innocence, sincerity and spirituality.

Scientifically this color represents the opposite of black i.e. total reflection. It communicates “Touch me not!” and gives the impression of sterility, purity, cleanliness etc. Similar to black, this also gives an effect of sophistication, coldness, barriers etc.

Now just see what these different colors, when combined, give an effect of and how they flow in the painting.

For scientific reference: