Banyan Tree



                 This portrait of Banyan tree, possessing a heart and producing fresh leaves from the new heartily roots of the tree, demystifies an aging human figure, showing its light brown skin while gray color shows its maturity. 
         This tree is a time Spam clocks, its symbol of origin, strength and energy portraying the various forms and phases of roots of tree. I have tried to explain that like the old roots of tree, elders who are in the last phase of their life are of paramount significance and value. They guide us on the right track leading us out of the labyrinths of life.
         They should not be frustrated and nagging.  They are like old trees that provide shelter, beauty, and freshness to our society and environment. Leaves along with the heart shaped red color fruits also give a beautiful composition to the tree on canvas.



Flowers Rhythm



Colors form integral part of life, each color having its significance, playing its own part in beautifying and maintaining balanced rhythm in universe.  Every color has a special message that needs to be deciphered. Shades of pink show love and softness whereas white color is a sacred symbol of mysticism and grace while everlasting yellow represents positive approach from life.
This world is based on a rhythm that can never be disbalanced until the Creator wants it to be. In this painting, I have portrayed rhythm of colors blended in flowers to explain/demystify enigma of colors.